Valor DFM Service
World-class assembly standards that avoid production delays .

Discovering possible manufacturing issues before fabrication can help you avoid production delays and workforce-related costs – all of which lead to affecting your company's revenue growth.

TEFA Technologies ensures the assembly standards of your PCB design and layout are met before the prototype has been built. We follow a world-class design preparation approach, with a detailed review process, so that any complexities that may arise during fabrication are proactively addressed. This also ensures that your products are not just built quicker, but at better profit margins too.

TEFA Technologies Valor and DFM services help in identifying the real manufacturability issues so that you can solve them and strengthen your manufacturing process capability.

  • Panel design and optimization
  • DFM analysis
  • Fabrication and assembly analysis

Our focus is on guaranteeing an error-free design output, and hence we follow a thorough validation process that includes Minimum Air Gap, Minimum Trace, Open Trace/Dangling Traces, etc. We help you prioritize any design-change requirement, which puts you in a position to resolve the most critical issue first.


  • Import of common CAM and NC file formats and direct import of PCB designs in popular CAD formats.
  • CAM editing to add or modify flashes, pads, polygons, lines, text or and teardrops .
  • Netlist compare and export to IPC-D-356 and other formats .
  • Convert draws to flashes, drawn polygons to rasterized polygons.
  • Remove redundant data and clip silkscreen ink away from pads .
  • Reverse engineering to convert unintelligent design data , such as Gerber to intelligent CAD data with parts, padstacks and nets .
  • Export functions to package your completed design in standard manufacturing formats including Gerber, ODB++, IPC-2581, NC Drill and Mill and other formats .


  • Downstream CAM350.