Design Analysis Service
Your system-level reliability and security is our number priority .

SI Analysis

Your system performance depends on the reliability and maintainability of your PCB layouts. Even with the availability of increased signal speed, getting optimized system performance requires in-house expertise.

TEFA Technologies provides system-level Signal Integrity services that help you overcome project delays and rising costs. We provide quick-turn simulation and analysis to save you the time and effort of debugging software to locate defects. TEFA Technologies only uses cutting-edge SI software that maximizes the performance of your circuit boards. Read More..

PI and Thermal Analysis

Circuit boards are constantly evolving, along with growing heating and cooling limits. The need of the hour for small-sized circuit boards that are built to perform with high densities.

TEFA Technologies delivers Power Integrity and Thermal Analysis services that ensure the hardware’s reliability to cope with new design features. We offer a thorough and accurate DC analysis to maximize your power delivery and sign off your PCB designs. With TEFA Technologies, you can effectively identify the density and thermal hotspots at the right time so that the chance of failure in your design is significantly reduced. Read More..