SI Analysis Service
Your system-level reliability and security is our number priority.

Your system performance depends on the reliability and maintainability of your PCB layouts. Even with the availability of increased signal speed, getting optimized system performance requires in-house expertise.

TEFA Technologies provides system-level Signal Integrity services that help you overcome project delays and rising costs. We provide quick-turn simulation and analysis to save you the time and effort of debugging software to locate defects. TEFA Technologies only uses cutting-edge SI software that maximizes the performance of your circuit boards.

Having extensively worked in SI Analysis, we offer the full length and breadth of services - from pre-route design and scenario analysis to sign-off and production.

  • SI analysis and simulation
  • Pre-layout and post-layout analysis
  • Network and channel analysis

With TEFA Technologies, you get a partner with experience in performing SI analysis for systems like Cadence etc... We use an SI tool-flow for analysis so that the design from your manufacturing artwork can be successfully imported.


  • Pre- and post-route high-speed signal integrity analysis and simulation.
  • IBIS v5.0 model generation from Spectre and Hspice netlist, IBIS AMI Model generation.
  • 56Gbps SERDES transceivers interconnect extraction and simulations.
  • Connector, Cable and PCB Interconnect model S parameter extraction with 3D FEM Solver.
  • Signal integrity driven layer stacks and constraint generation.
  • Reducing reflections and crosstalk for improved timing margins and emissions.
  • Simultaneous switching noise considerations and design strategies.
  • Component & system characterization, including full S-parameters, gain and noise figure optimization.


  • Cadence Sigrity PowerSI & 3D-EM.
  • Cadence Sigrity SystemSI for DDRx and SERDES Analysis.
  • Mentor Graphics Hyperlynx SI and PI.