PI and Thermal Analysis Service
We can be your power differentiator when the competition heats up.

Circuit boards are constantly evolving, along with growing heating and cooling limits. The need of the hour for small-sized circuit boards that are built to perform with high densities.

TEFA Technologies delivers Power Integrity and Thermal Analysis services that ensure the hardware’s reliability to cope with new design features. We offer a thorough and accurate DC analysis to maximize your power delivery and sign off your PCB designs. With TEFA Technologies, you can effectively identify the density and thermal hotspots at the right time so that the chance of failure in your design is significantly reduced.

Whether detecting voltage levels of specific design regions or overcoming simultaneous switching noise (SSN) issues, TEFA Technologies services bring out the highest performance at the most affordable price.

  • AC and DC power analysis
  • Gate level analysis
  • Pre-layout solution space analysis
  • Electromagnetic numerical analysis

From optimizing airflow and ensuring proper temperature distribution to solving system-level thermal issues and reducing noise propagation, our services go a long way to eliminate costly iterations and system complications that lead to business disruption,


  • Conclusive IR drop analysis for the complete package and board power delivery system.
  • Locate current and temperature hot spots to avoid risk of failure.
  • Effective placement of cooling solution (fans, heatsinks) after performing Conduction+Convection analysis with our FEA+CFD solver.
  • Fully assess decoupling capacitor strategies and verify placement effects.
  • Evaluate electromagnetic coupling between geometries (planes, traces and vias).
  • Anticipate energy leaks with near and far-field radiation display to reduce downstream electromagnetic interference (EMI)/electromagnetic capability (EMC) challenges.


  • Cadence Sigrity PowerDC.
  • Mentor Hyperlynx PI, Thermal.