Manufacturing Service
End-to-end manufacturing for all types of printed circuit boards.

Only when printed circuit boards are manufactured according to the highest quality standards can your business enjoy fast turnaround times. Using in-house resources to do the same can be challenging and expensive.

With TEFA Technologies, you get a strategic manufacturing partner with experience in working with PCBs of all types – from conventional and flexible to backplane assemblies and IC substrates. Our flexibility of expertise across a variety of industries equips us to manufacture RoHS-compliant PCBs with high-frequency or high-temperature capabilities.

Our dedicated team takes control of the whole manufacturing journey, starting from day one, which means your resources can be used to quicken delivery turnaround time in other ways.

  • Custom-shaped PCBs
  • PCB Base Materials
  • Advanced PCB Manufacturing

TEFA Technologies ability to manage the moving parts of the manufacturing process like PCB design, assembly and logistics support makes us the partner of choice for assuring safety, speed, and quality. We work closely and transparently with vendors in order to build a better final product that can smoothly be manufactured in volume, without any disruptions or iterations.

Domain Section

PCB Fabrication

We are experienced in working with PCB materials, including conventional PCBs, HDI PCBs, flexible PCBs, rigid-flex PCBs, backplane assemblies, and IC substrates.


  • Isola FR4, 370HR, Polymide.
  • Nelco 4000-6, 4000-13.
  • Rogers 4003, 4350, 445.
  • Surface Finish: Immersion Tin/Gold/Silver.


  • Micro Via – Blind or Buried Via Structures.
  • Via in Pad.
  • Aspect Ratio 14:1.
  • Layer count 2-56 and Line width/space 3 mil.

PCB Assembly

We offer complete electronics manufacturing services ranging from SMT and Through-Hole PCB Assemblies to complete packaged products. Also, can support small batch or High-volume production as well as completely Tested, QA and Supply Chain Solutions.


  • Fine Pitch Assembly down to 01005/0201 Size Components.
  • High Accuracy Placement down to 0.2mm Pitch Devices.
  • Flex Circuit Assembly Expertise.
  • uBGA Assembly and Rework.
  • BGA, uBGA Placement, Re-Balling & Rework.

Get a Fab or Assembly Quote

Send us your gerber format and other output files and we’ll negotiate the best possible price to fabricate your PCB’s regardless of quantity. We typically can get you a fab quote in just a few hours. If you need assembly as well, include a Bill of Materials and we will quote you a complete turnkey service that includes purchasing all components.


  • Complete project management, frees up your internal resources results in Faster Time-to-Market.
  • We work directly with the fabrication and assembly shops while in the design phase to prevent material lead times and other potential delays.
  • Fabrication & Assembly is broken out into separate line items - Minimum 3 day turn in fabrication, 5 day turn in assembly.