Library Development Service
Creation and maintenance services that meet the highest standards.

Since PCB library development is a crucial and laborious part of the overall design process, it is important to work with an experienced partner like TEFA Technologies.

We offer comprehensive and accurate Library Development services, covering both simple and complex parts, built to meet client expectations and IPC standards. We create and manage high-end schematic symbols, PCB footprints, and 3D models so that you do not have to spend any effort in building new component parts.

Our end-to-end library creation and maintenance services are in line with the latest IPC 7351 A, B & C Standards, and our thorough review process of PCB Footprint guarantees zero-defect footprints. Our services include:

  • New library development
  • Library management solutions
  • Library conversions and verifications

We also smartly create library parts or migrate existing ones by leveraging our cutting-edge translation technology. It will ensure that your legacy libraries are brought into your newest designs. TEFA Technologies covers the entire development cycle by consolidating inventory, parts, and board design, along with manufacturing requirements.


  • Expertise in package styles such as BGA, CHIP, CHIPARRAY, DIP, LCC, LGA, PLCC, QFN, QFP, SOJ, and SOP.
  • Improve library accuracy by verifying ECAD footprints with 3D models.
  • Promote ECAD/MCAD collaboration with automated 3D model development.
  • Create variations of your libraries for different standards, flex, HDI, and alternate solder processes.
  • Ensure the accuracy and completeness of your library with automatic checks and validations.


  • Cadence OrCAD (Capture CIS).
  • Cadence Concept HDL.